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Abroad View – What you can expect

Welcome to the brand-new Abroad View blog!

The Abroad View Foundation is a non-profit media organization that fosters education abroad, global awareness, and cross-cultural understanding. We publish “Abroad View,” the global education magazine for students. In the coming months, we will also publish articles submitted by students as well as original content from our staff. Abroad View Magazine’s blog will serve as an addition to the twice-yearly publication of the Abroad View magazine, providing important information for students as they prepare to study abroad or return home.

Abroad View is your source for everything study abroad–from what not to pack and how to save money, to culturally appropriate hand gestures and ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Stay up to date with Abroad View so you never miss a thing! Subscribe to our blog today and get updates on what’s new with Abroad View. Also check out Abroad View Magazine for archives of past articles and look for Abroad View Magazine on YouTube.


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